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From Flores area

To reach to SIR Kanawa, you will need to go to Al Bajo (Labuan Bajo).

You will find local bus, public transportation with AC, joining trip by charter with some people or airplane.

 Below is estimated time from main cities in Flores to Al Bajo.

Note: About transportation Price

From Guide Books mentioned different price than this because 24th May 2008, fuel price were increased and all transportation cost got effected by it. Please note when you travel there will be different prices for everything.

Travel Time between each destination in Flores area

DestinationAl BajoRutengBajawaEndeMaumere
Al Bajo-4.00hs9.00hs15.00hs20.00hs
Ende15.00hs 9.00hs4.00-5.00hs-4.30-5.00hs

Some destination connection need some hours till next morning. The time shows only total travel time by land transport.

Between Ruteng and Al Bajo

There are several transportation.

Public Transportation with A/C takes you to Al Bajo about 6 hours drive, it costs you

Rp 60.000/ 6hours/ pax

 (Aug 2008). Not bad!!

Charter Car: it will cost you

about Rp 600.000/car / 6-8hours/ day

 include petrol, but this transport will ask you to use minimum 2 days or more.

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