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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Facility

Dive shop at Becker's Bar is the place where you can book and rent snorkeling & scuba gear also do the check dive / house reef dive & night dive.

Our diver gear are

from Oceanic, Technisub, ScubaPro, US Divers, etc from standard imported international products.

If you have regulator for DIN Valve, we have adaptor but it is remitted, please aware of it.

Wet suits are 3mm short and long. This area water temperature is between 24-29 c generally. Depend on the depth and season, it can be lower temperature.

Diving & Snorkeling at SIR Kanawa & Komodo National Park area

Around SIR Kanawa and Komodo National Park are the place you should not miss to visit underwater.

We have house reef dive, coast line of island specially Idris Reef are fantastic coral and environment. There are several dive companies make day trip and liveaboard trip for diving, but they never dive some of our original dive sites.

House reef are very rich for Macros and some big ones (Turtle, School of Bump head, Batfish, Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Moray, Stone Fish, Pipe fish, Sea horse, gobies, neudibranches etc...).

For regular dive location around Komodo National Park, you will be able to go depend on our schedule by booking minimum one day prior to departure.

Our trip schedule are

  • 1st Trip 8.00 for fun diving and snorkeling
  • 2nd Trip 13.00 for fun diving and snorkeling

Check dives are daily at

  • 10.00
  • 15.00

after check dive, you will have opportunity to dive at house reef without guide but you need to have buddy system.

The house reef condition is no current, very calm water, good visibility and good for night dive as well.

Please inform us before entry and you must follow dive plan inform to us.

Diving Price (Minimum 2pax~)

SIR Kanawa Guest / diveOut side Guest / dive
Check Dive at House Reef

Rp 250.000

(CD is include gear)

Rp 300.000

Fun Dive (Boat Dive)

Rp 300.000

Rp 350.000

Snorkeling Boat trip Price (Minimum 4pax or with divers)

SIR Kanawa Guest / dive

Out side Guest / dive

Snorkeling Boat Trip

Rp 150.000

(include gear)

Rp 200.000

Rental Gear

Mask + Snorkel

Rp 30.000/day

Fins (+boots)

Rp 20.000/day

Wet Suits

Rp 50.000/day

U/W light (exclude Battery)

Rp 50.000/day

Scuba Full Set

Rp 150.000/day

There is more important than anything else in diving.

That is.....

Important procedure for Divers

Please make sure that you have minimum 18 hours between last dive and next flight schedule.

This is basic rule of diving to avoid trouble as diver. Please follow the procedure and do safety recreational diving !!

This information will be updated by new experiment data of diving associations.

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