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Snorkeling around SIR Kanawa and Trip to famous Snorkeling site

for snorkeling lovers, SIR Kanawa is the one of best choice you can stay.

We have 180m pier where you can just jump in!! to snorkel/diving entry point from 0-3m drop down to 30-40m and more so anytime you will able to snorkel around island whenever  you feel even during low tide.

Around SIR Kanawa, you will find so many different kind of species, specially everybody loves turtles, tropical fishes, sharks (it is reef shark), bumphead, eagle rays, sting rays, moray, schools, so on.....

if you are good skin diver, you will see more!

For more expectation, there are trip to other area with divers.

If you like to go boat trip for snorkeling, please let us know one day in advance

Boat Trip for snorkeling are 2 schedule / day at 8.00 and 13.00

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Facility

Dive shop at Becker's Bar is the place where you can book and rent snorkeling & scuba gear also do the check dive / house reef dive & night dive.

Our diver gear are

from Oceanic, Technisub, ScubaPro, US Divers, etc from standard imported international products.

If you have regulator for DIN Valve, we have adaptor but it is remitted, please aware of it.

Wet suits are 3mm short and long. This area water temperature is between 24-29 c generally. Depend on the depth and season, it can be lower temperature.

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